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Jean-Marie Buchet was born in Jemappes in 1938. After studying film at La Cambre (Institut Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs), he directed several short films before finishing his first feature-length film in 1974, La fugue de Suzanne. In 1979, he presented Mireille dans la vie des autres at the International Film Festival in Moscow. He regularly collaborated with filmmakers such as Patrick Van Antwerpen and Boris Lehman, and he participated in films by Jan Decorte as an actor, editor and sound engineer. Between 1996 and 2009 he contributed to the film magazine Grand Angle. He als worked in the film restoration department of the Royal Belgian Film Archive for several years. 

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Hatari! is an enormous film, one which is only saved from its monstrosity by the incredible intelligence of its director. It is a summation in which all the aspects of cinema are stirred together, amalgamated. The labyrinthine complexity of its construction is dizzying. Watching it can only put one off, or leave them wiped out.

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Hatari ! (Howard Hawks, 1962) est un film énorme, que seule l’incroyable intelligence de son réalisateur parvient à sauver de la monstruosité. C’est une somme où tous les aspects du cinéma sont brassés, amalgamés. La complexité labyrinthale de sa construction donne le vertige. Sa vision ne peut que rebuter ou laisser anéanti.