Daniel Kasman

Daniel Kasman (1982) is an American film critic. After studying cinema studies at New York University, Kasman started working for the global streaming service MUBI in 2007. He is currently their vice president of content, in charge of acquiring content and programming the curated platform of international, independent and classic cinema. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the MUBI Notebook, a daily international film publication featuring articles, reviews, interviews and coverage of film festivals. His writing on cinema has been published widely, amongst others, Cinema Scope, Sight and Sound and Another Gaze.

Wang Bing about Mrs. Fang

Daniel Kasman, Christopher Small, 2017

“Behind her eyes I saw something – a light. And that light reminded me of a child’s eyes. I thought, “She’s there and we know that she’s there looking out from behind her eyes.” Eyes talk to us in these ways. When it dawned on me that a second chance to record her was unlikely, I realized that for the most part this would be the way to have her appear in the film. I thought it would probably be the only way to make people feel that she’s there, she’s alive, she’s still alive.”