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Nicolas Philibert, 1990, 84’

“In France we have a saying: ‘Le chemin se fait en marchant’; the path is made by walking it. And that, for better or worse, is how I tend to work as a film-maker. I make my documentaries from a position of ignorance and curiosity.

Nicolas Philibert, 1992, 99’

“The film implicitly reflects on three different kinds of language – the different languages spoken in movies, the so-called language of cinema, and Sign, specifically the language of the deaf.

Nicolas Philibert, 2002, 104’

“I don’t want to steal images. I am not a thief. My camera is not a surveillance camera, it is more like... not surveillance, but bienveillance.”

Nicolas Philibert


Nicolas Philibert, 2018, 105’

« Nicolas Philibert demande au spectateur de son nouveau documentaire un peu la patience dont doivent s’armer les apprentis infirmiers et infirmières qui sont sujets.