Films byTexts by Peter Watkins
Peter Watkins, 1971, 91’

1970. THE WAR in Vietnam is escalating. President Nixon has decided on a secret bombing campaign of Cambodia. There is massive public protest in the United States and elsewhere.

Peter Watkins, 1974, 174’

Late 19th century in Norway. Edvard Munch is a promising young painter but he is also a man tormented by his love dramas, the fear of falling ill and tapped by an idea: to be recognized at the height of his talent.

The Journey
Peter Watkins, 1987, 873’

“The 14½ hours of The Journey are organized into an immense filmic weave that includes candid discussions with ‘ordinary people’ from many countries; community dramatizations; a variety of forms of deconstructive analysis of conventional media practices; presentations of art works by oth

Peter Watkins, 2000, 345’


“Some filmmakers say “this is my work and I want it to stay that way”. That is their right, and we respect that right. Those are the films we don’t buy, and those are the films we don’t transmit.”