Films byTexts by Elias Grootaers

Elias Grootaers (1981) is a Belgian documentary filmmaker and a lecturer in documentary film. His filmography includes Cinema Central (2005), Lignes. En quête d’une mémoire (2006), Not Waving, But Drowning (2009), the video installation The season has changed but we are still standing in the same place (2009) and Inside the Distance (2017). He co-edited films including Muito além (Mario Gomes, 2010), Kosmos (Ruben Desiere, 2015) and Un pays plus beau qu’avant (Hannes Verhoustraete, 2018), and he edited La fleurière (Ruben Desiere, 2017). He has taught at KASK / School of Arts Ghent since 2006, and he has also taught at LUCA School of Arts, P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has been a guest professor at the Beijing Film Academy and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 2013, he co-founded Sabzian, for which he has written articles and compiled and translated texts. From 2013 to 2019, he was one of Sabzian’s artistic directors. He has curated several film programs for Sabzian and under the moniker Zéro de conduite.

Elias Grootaers, 2009, 53’

Not Waving, But Drowning materialises the experience of Indian refugees during their arrest and detention by the harbour police in Zeebruges, Belgium. Within the tense, haunted context of the harbour and the seaside, and together with them, we slowly lose all sense of time and place.