Wang Bing

Wang Bing (1967) is a Chinese film director. He graduated from the Film Academy in Beijing in 1996. His debut as a filmmaker came in the form of the monumental Tie Xi Qu [West of the Tracks] (2002): a three-part, nine-hour document of China’s transition from state-run to free-market economy, and a chronicle of the Chinese working class. From then on his films have always started from encounters with people on the margins of society amidst the vast and rapidly changing landscapes of 21st-century China. His other works include San Zimei [Three Sisters] (2012), He Fengming [Fengming, a Chinese Memoir] (2007), Fang Xiu Ying [Mrs. Fang] (2017), Dead Souls (2018) and the installation Caiyou riji [Crude Oil] (2008). In 2017, Wang Bing received the Golden Leopard for his film Mrs. Fang at the Locarno Film Festival and was awarded the EYE Art & Film Prize by the EYE Filmmuseum, where his work was exhibited in 2018.