Films byTexts by Hannes Verhoustraete

Hannes Verhoustraete (1986) is a Belgian filmmaker, teacher and researcher at KASK / School of Arts Ghent. He is a writer and editor for Sabzian. His debut documentary feature film Un pays plus beau qu’avant (2019) was screened at Courtisane Festival and at other festivals and venues.

Hannes Verhoustraete, 2013, 31’

A history is not only a narrative of things past, it is also a way of sharing individual and collective experiences as well as the forms and signs that give them shape. Every history is an arrangement of silent testimonies and discursive traces allowing us to be where we were not.

Hannes Verhoustraete, 2023, 72’

A poetic essay film on the colonial gaze and the magic lantern. This early type of image projector was used in Belgian colonial propaganda, showcasing the good works of the Church, State and industry.