Films byTexts by Robert Kramer
John Douglas, Robert Kramer, 1975, 195’

Milestones maps the different paths taken by the New Left in the early 1970s. This lilting, free-associative masterpiece follows over fifty characters as they try to reconcile their ideals with the reality of American life.

Robert Kramer, 1984, 114’

In 1984, not far away from the psychiatric hospital of the Martquis de Sade in Charenton, Thomas Harlan (the son of Veit Harlan) is shooting Wundkanal, a filmquestioning whose protagonist is Alfred Filbert, the ex Vice Commandant of the Nazi SS in person, who by then was over eighty years old

Robert Kramer, 1989, 255’

From more than 65 hours of film footage, Robert Kramer crafted this epic portrait of the famous highway that runs from Maine to Key West, Florida.