Films byTexts by Max Ophüls
Max Ophüls, 1948, 86’

“Have you ever shuffled faces like cards, hoping to find one that lies somewhere, just over the edge of your memory? The one you’ve been waiting for? Well tonight when I first saw you, and then later when I watched you in the dark, it was as though I’d found that one face among all the others.

Max Ophüls, 1950, 93’

An all-knowing interlocutor guides us through a string of affairs in fin de siècle Vienna. Soldiers, chambermaids, poets, prostitutes, aristocrats – all revolve equally around a circle of interconnected love.


Max Ophüls, 1952, 95’

Three separate stories about the same thing: pleasure.


“A few main themes mark Maupasant’s life and work: money - war - peasants (from his native Normandy) - water (rivers, the sea) - ghosts - superstition - we chose: ‘pleasure’.”