Films byTexts by Shinsuke Ogawa
Sanrizuka – Peasants of the Second Fortress
Shinsuke Ogawa, 1971, 143’

“Amid this cinematic spectacle, familiar from previous films but now considerably larger and more violent, something very different is going on. In Peasants of the Second Fortress there are occasional moments when the action of the film grinds to a halt and people simply talk.

Sanrizuka – Heta Village
Shinsuke Ogawa, 1973, 146’

“In a similar way to Minamata: The Victims and Their World, this particular film is a contrastive, reflective work that gains by being juxtaposed with what had preceded it.

Dokkoi! Songs from the Bottom
Shinsuke Ogawa, 1975, 121’

“In the production diary from the editing, there were many discussions about life and the ethics of filming people who are facing death. For example, on January 2, 1975, there was such a conversation between Tamura and Ogawa.

The Sundial Carved with a Thousand Years of Notches – The Magino Village Story
Shinsuke Ogawa, 1986, 222’

“What Ogawa’s Sundial Carved by a Thousand Years of Notches (and the Yamagata Documentary Film Festival that it inspired) suggests is that new transnational networks must be built, no matter how unprofessional and utopian, in order to wrest at least some of the power away from the core o