Films byTexts by 1974
Law & Order in Christiania 1
Nils Vest, 1974, 8’

“In the spring of 1974, the bourgeois government, with Defense Minister Brøndum, planned a veritable campaign against the newly established sanctuary Christiania. No less than 60 houses would have been demolished, with the grounds that they were flammable and in poor construction condition.

Jacques Rivette, 1974, 193’

“Rivette’s film […] focuses not on women as sexual objects but as the desiring subjects of the narrative. The two female protagonists do not conform to a male fantasy, rather it is their own fantasies which dynamise and direct the film the inhabit.

Jean Eustache, 1974, 123’

Ô mes petites amoureuses,
Que je vous hais!
Plaquez de fouffes douloureuses
Vos tétons laids!

Arthur Rimbaud, ‘Mes petites amoureuses’, 1871


Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1974, 120’

“I find women more interesting. They don’t interest me just because they’re oppressed – it’s not that simple.

Guy Sherwin, 1974, 3’

A slow–dripping tap disturbs the reflection of clouds seen through the window.

António Reis, 1974, 35’

“In 1973 Antonio Reis devotes a film to the drawing work of a peasant, Jaime Fernandes, shot in the place of his psychiatric isolation.

Johan van der Keuken, 1974, 76’

“Sinds Dagboek probeer ik in de montage zoveel mogelijk het begin van de zoombeweging af te snijden – het is dus geen shot dat begint te bewegen, het is een beweging die er al is. Het shot ervoor is vaak een stilstaand shot.