[Postponed!] State of Cinema 2020 / Olivier Assayas


Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we regret to inform that the State of Cinema 2020 with Olivier Assayas has been postponed to a date yet to be determined. Ticketholders will be able to use their tickets on the new date or can ask for a refund by sending an email to info@cinema-palace.be.
Cinema Palace will be closing effective from tomorrow, 14 March 2020. 

Sabzian will continue to publish articles on a weekly basis, and we’ll keep you informed on new developments concerning the State of Cinema 2020. In the meantime, we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy.

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In 2018, by analogy with similar initiatives in other art forms, Sabzian created a new yearly tradition: Sabzian invites a guest to write a State of Cinema and to choose an accompanying film. Once a year, the art of film is held against the light: a speech that challenges cinema, calls it to account, points the way or refuses to define it, puts it to the test and on the line, summons or embraces it, praises or curses it. A plea, a declaration, a manifest, a programme, a testimony, a letter, an apologia or maybe even an indictment. In any case, a call to think about what cinema means, could mean or should mean today.

After the first two editions (Sarah Vanagt in 2018 and Claudio Pazienza in 2019), Sabzian is honoured to welcome the French filmmaker and author Olivier Assayas for the State of Cinema 2020. Olivier Assayas has chosen Zerkalo [The Mirror] (1975) by Andrei Tarkovsky to accompany his lecture.

This evening is a collaboration between Sabzian, Palace and Lumière. You can find more information on the event here.

Practical information
Friday 27 March 2020 – 19:30
Palace, Brussels
Tickets: € 8,75 / € 7 / € 6
Subtitles: English

Zerkalo [The Mirror] (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1971)

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