Quei loro incontri

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Quei loro incontri
These Encounters of Theirs

Innovating the language of cinema, ten unprofessional Italian actors – in leafy glades or on sunny hillsides – recite five separate dialogues in the classical prose voice of Cesare Pavese.


“There has been only one ‘encounter’ in Quei loro incontri. The first three duets are between gods; the fifth is between men. The sole encounter between mortal and immortal is Hesiod's with Mnemosyne, which comes only in the fourth dialog, along with Quei loro incontri's first human – after whom there are gods no more. Plausibly, Hesiod's encounter occurs only in his own imagination, like Ixion's encounter at the beginning of Dalla nube.”

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  • 1Tag Gallagher, “These Encounters of Theirs,” Balthazar, 2023.
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