La madre

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La madre
The Mother

Inspired by a Cesar Pavese's short story, this film has as its main question the relationship with the mother. After killing someone, Meleagros is killed by his own mother, from whom he had never disconnected.


“MELEAGRUS: I burned like a firebrand.

HERMES: But you will not have suffered much.

MELEAGRUS: It was worse, the pain, the passion of before.

HERMES: And now listen, Meleagrus. You are dead. The flame, the burning are past things. You are less than the smoke that was plucked from that fire. You are almost nothingness. Resign yourself. And for you are a nothingness, the things of the world, the morning, the evening, the villages. Look around now.

MELEAGRUS: I see nothing. And it doesn't matter to me. I am still an ember. What did you say about the villages of the world? As to a god that you are, certainly the world is beautiful and diverse, and always sweet. You have your eyes. But I, Meleagrus, was only a hunter and son of hunters, I never left my forests, I lived in front of a hearth and when I was born my destiny was already closed in the firebrand that my mother stole. I knew only some companions, the beasts, and my mother.”

Cesare Pavese1

  • 1Cesare Pavese, excerpt from "The Mother" in Dialogues with Leucò, as spoken and translated in the film. From Balthazar, 2023.
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