Il ritorno del figlio prodigo

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Il ritorno del figlio prodigo
The Return of the Prodigal Son


“[Il ritorno del figlio prodigo and Umiliati are] twinned films that are closely linked to Sicilia! and Operai, Contadini. Il ritorno was made using different takes of shots 40 to 46 and 63 to 66 of Operai, contadini. The diptych gives body and voice to Elio Vittorini's novel The Women of Messina, which tells of a community of workers and peasants in liberated Italy. The people may not speak simultaneously, but they create a choric voice, nevertheless. Diverse but blended voices, a plural-singular that can sing the song of solidarity or, if need be, bark like a dog.”

This article was originally published in Balthazar, 2023.

UPDATED ON 10.01.2024
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