Seuls: Short Work 1’ / Introduction

Seuls: Short Work 1’ is an online short film programme, compiled by Sabzian and available on Avila. The selection is an adaptation of the first Seuls short film programme, organised by Sabzian in 2017 and screened at the KASKcinema in Ghent. On the occasion of the release of Seuls: Short Work 1’, Nina de Vroome made an introduction to the program.

Seuls. Singular Moments in Belgian Film History is a series of film programs accompanied by the publication of unique texts by Belgian filmmakers and writers on Sabzian’s website. Seuls: Short Work 1’ reflects the diversity of Belgian cinema. Filmmaker, cinema and Zen teacher Konrad Maquestieau once typified Belgian cinema anti-conformist: “This country harbours a tradition in which individuals, completely unrelated to each other, manage to make films in the most idiosyncratic way. Films that do not conform to any norm, regulation, school, fashion or theory. Their images are unique. The ‘tradition’ is characterised by independence, diversity, subjectivity, daring, inventiveness, audacity, and humorous subversion. Here, the inexhaustible imagination is central.” The name Seuls ties in with this; it brings into focus a film culture consisting of a kinship between soloists who explore all possible mechanisms of imagination.