Pierre (Jan Decorte, 1975)

Pierre (Jan Decorte, 1975)
In the presence of Jan Decorte
A collaboration between Sabzian and CINEMATEK

Pierre lives with his mother in an old-fashioned house in a run-down working-class neighbourhood. Every morning Pierre commutes by tram to work at the town hall, where he listens to his colleagues' jokes during the lunch break. The only hope of getting rid of his boredom and frustrations is with a girl from the gymnastics club. One evening, when his mother is out of the house, he invites her to his house.

On the occasion of this screening, Sabzian will publish a Dutch-language Collection of the texts available from Sabzian on Jan Decorte's cinematic work, as well as a complete annotated filmography.

30 Mar 2024 - 21 Jun 2024
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