Marguerite Duras, cinéaste

From 28 November until 20 December, Centre Pompidou in Paris is honouring Marguerite Duras with a retrospective of her films. You can find more info here.

“Film took the spoken word back to its original silence. Once the spoken word was destroyed by the cinema, it never came back anywhere, in any writings. And with the film director, it is the very shape of its destruction that becomes a creative asset. In my view, the cinema was built on this defeat of the written word. Its crucial and decisive attraction lies in this massacre. Because this massacre is precisely the bridge that takes you to the very place of all reading. And still further: to the very place of subjection full stop, which suggests all existence experienced in current society. One could put it another way: that youth’s almost universal choice of the cinema is a choice – conscious or intuitive – of a political kind. That wanting to make films means precisely wanting to go straight to the place of one’s subjection: the viewer. And doing this by avoiding – by destroying – the always privileged stage of writing.” (Marguerite Duras)

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