Future Revolutions: New Perspectives on Peter Watkins

Accompanying the complete retrospective of the work of Peter Watkins they run until June 30, the Berlin cinema ‘Wolf’ presents their first book, Future Revolutions: New Perspectives on Peter Watkins. They have invited 14 authors to write about the films and media criticism of Watkins. Each of his films is covered in dedicated essays. German A. Duarte wrote an introduction to Watkin's theory of the Monoform. The book also includes a new text from Peter Watkins himself that serves as an introduction to his media criticism. You can find the table of contents below.

The first run of the publication is limited to 250 copies and can be ordered on the website of Wolf.


The Dark Side of the Moon. The Global Media Crisis - Peter Watkins
From Pathos to Pathology - German A. Duarte
Bloody Amateurs - Matthew Harle
Futurity of the Past - Sulgi Lie
Britain Can't Take It - Carmen Gray
The Artist Must Always Bite the Hand That Feeds him - Charles Drazin
A Fixed fight - Tristan Priimägi
A History of Violence, to be Continued - Toby Ashraf
In the Global Interest - Gareth Evans
Thinking Between the Images in the Seventies People - Brigitta Wagner
On What is Wrong with the White Mice - Roxanne Panchasi
The Anticipatory Look – About Aftenlandet - Lukas Ishar
On the Point of Irrational Detonation - Kodwo Eshun
A Brief Introduction to the Freethinker - Eva–Kristin Winter
What Would You Do Today? - Bert Rebhandl


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