Caught in a dance, bees tell each other stories about the world around them. People equally claim their role in those stories, sometimes very close and intimate, sometimes distant and on an industrial scale. Nina de Vroome's thoughts also swarm as bees do: from the smallest cell in a honeycomb to the global economy, her essayistic nature documentary Globes charts the bond between humans and bees. As accomplished storytellers, they both give shape to lives under the sun.


“The title refers to a notion of ‘worlds’, of which the earth comprises many. The documentary considers our globalised economy, but also the landscapes around the beehive. The microlevel is thus always connected to the macro-level, the local to the global. In Globes, bonds are forged between culture and nature and the ways in which the concept of ‘ecology’ can be given meaning are explored. Through these encounters, the film both wanders and always returns to its core, much like the bees which fly around on the hunt for flowers return to their hives laden with nectar.”

Nina de Vroome