Films byTexts by 1934
Alfred Hitchcock, 1934, 75’

An ordinary British couple vacationing in Switzerland suddenly find themselves embroiled in a case of international intrigue when their daughter is kidnapped by spies plotting a political assassination


Robert Bresson, 1934, 25’

Bresson's first film is, totally uncharacteristically, a slapstick comedy, centred around two neighbouring republics, Crogandia and Miremia, and the various disasters that befall the ceremonial unveiling of a statue, the launching of a ship, and the crash-landing of a Miremian pilot in Crogan

Frank Capra, 1934, 105’

Ellie Andrews: You know, this is the first time in years I’ve ridden piggyback.

Peter Warne: This isn’t piggyback.

Of course it is.

You’re crazy.

Jean Vigo, 1934, 89’

Newly married couple Juliette and a ship captain Jean struggle through marriage as they travel on the L’Atalante along with the captain's first mate Le père Jules and a cabin boy.