Films byTexts by 1927
Man Ray, 1927, 18’

Subtitled as a cinépoéme, it features many techniques Man Ray used in his still photography, including Rayographs, double exposure, soft focus and ambiguous features. The title is Basque for ‘Leave me alone’, but can also mean ‘give peace’.

Women of Ryazan
Olga Preobrazhenskaya, 1927, 67’

Women of Ryazan compares the fate of two heroines Anna and her lively and energetic sister-in-law Vasilisa, who openly defies the old way of life.


Jean Epstein, 1927, 39’

Three women love the same man. He loves none of them, but only his Bugatti. He takes his car out of the garage and drives it towards his destiny. 


Un jeune homme est aimé de trois femmes. Mais lui en aime-t-il uneᅠ?

Carton titre du film


The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
Esfir Shub, 1927, 84’

“It is amazing how many unexpected solutions come up when you hold film stock in your hands. Just like letters: they are born on the top of the pen.”

Esfir Shub