Claire Denis Retrospective at Eye Filmmuseum

From 29 February to 20 March, Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam will screen an extensive retrospective of French filmmaker Claire Denis. In her films, Claire Denis probes the consequences of colonialism and the feeling of being an outsider, devoting particular attention to family tensions, sensuality, desire and the body. The program features new restorations of her films, with Chocolat (4K) and her most revered film, Beau travail (4K), appearing on the big screen in the Netherlands for the first time.

Claire Denis (1948) grew up in various countries in West Africa. She worked as an assistant director for the likes of Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders before going on to direct short films, documentaries and features such as Chocolat (1988), Beau travail (1999), 35 Rhums (2008), High Life (2018) with Robert Pattinson and Stars at Noon (2022). Many of Denis’ films revolve around obsession, desire, violence, sex and the body. Her characters refuse to be victims, embracing loneliness amidst chaos. Her films, often featuring hypnotic music from the band Tindersticks, are extremely physical and sensual, as well as highly erotically charged.

More information on the program here.

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