The Mirror Egg

Made during the lockdown, The Mirror Egg consists of 16mm multiple exposures that started from a miniature sitcom-like film set in the artist's studio and taking daily walks with his camera. The characters and Floris find themselves in absurd situations and a stream of images begins to take form. In The Mirror Egg our perception is overloaded with flickering, layered 16mm film and loops from his analog sound modules. The film can be shown as 16mm film or as a longer expanded cinema performance with modified 16mm projector and live sound. It has also been projected onto windows and facades.


“The regularity of constantly sitting at home during the corona lockdown inspired me to build this miniature sitcom-like film set where something new could happen every day, and to take the 16mm camera out on daily walks. The inhabitants of the film set and myself get into absurd situations from which a stream of images emerges. The middle part is an uncut three-minute roll of film that was scripted like a program: a 4-bit binary code and a long heximal code, written on paper, were used for positioning, layering and repeating what was filmed on these 30 meters.”

Floris Vanhoof