Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis,

Meet me at the Fair

Don’t tell me the lights are shining

Anyplace but there

We will dance the “Hoochie-Koochie”

I will be your “Tootsie-Wootsie”

If you will meet me in St. Louis, Louis,

Meet me at the Fair.1


“Page 114: We presume that these bloomers, etc., will not include any intimate female garments. Page 123: We presume this drinking will be handled with care.”2

  • 1. Nota bene: “Louis” in the song is pronounced “LOO-ee”, akin to the French. The song is one of the few instances of pronouncing the city’s name that way. It is normally pronounced “LOO-is”.
  • 2. The censors at the Hays Office in a letter to Louis Burt Mayer about the final version of the script for Vincente Minnelli’s Meet Me in St. Louis.