A filmmaker evokes the loss of the face of one’s loved ones and the ritual of masks as gateways to the afterlife.


“My cinematic desires are intuitive, sensorial, linked to people and objects that I want to film. It is only whilst the work is in progress that I discover along the way roughly ‘what it is about’. I have been wanting to film masks for quite a few years now. But I couldn’t find my point of entry for this film, the angle that would give me my unique approach. And then the death of my parents suddenly gave a different light to the project. I took that as my starting point, how personal grief brought me back to the thematic of masks. Different stories of mutilated faces or hidden faces added themselves and defined more clearly the path I was taking. In the end it is no longer really a film about the masks but rather about the loss of the faces of those we love.”

Olivier Smolders1

UPDATED ON 01.04.2023