I racconti di Canterbury

I racconti di Canterbury
The Canterbury Tales

“Despite all the writings, and they are voluminous, by Pasolini and about Pasolini, there is little reference to the fact that his work is an outstanding example of artistic Modernism. Perhaps the silence is due to his fierce dislike and rejection of Modern society. As with all Pasolini’s films his Modernism is centred on a return of a Past, largely mythical and literary, for example, his I racconti di Canterbury. La trilogia di vita in particular, by its citations of Chaucer, Boccaccio and the Arabian Nights are citations of the early Renaissance, of an art and language and culture at the borders of the coming of the modern world. His is a view of a world and society he adored and that was, in its becoming, about to be effaced by what he loathed and whose loss he lamented. I racconti di Canterbury is that lament.”

Sam Rohdie1

UPDATED ON 29.11.2017