Kinograph Partners with Flagey and CINEMATEK

Photo by Johan Jacobs

The cinema in Flagey is reinventing itself with a new name and a new partnership. From now on, it is under the name and logo Cineflagey that Flagey will present its daily screenings, monthly meetings and emblematic festivals!

Last June, after 3 years of activity, the Kinograph closed its doors at See U to make way for a vast building site which will give life to the future Usquare district, and which will house a new cinema within its walls. In the meantime, the Kinograph team wished to remain active. From September 1st they resume their programming in Studio 5 - Agnès Varda in Flagey, joined by historical partners Flagey and CINEMATEK. Hand in hand, Flagey, Kinograph and CINEMATEK want to build bridges between new releases and heritage, highlight Belgian cinema and documentary films and create events with guests, special evenings and other moments of exchange and conviviality.

The icing on the cake: Cineflagey will be the fourth cinema in Brussels to accept the Cineville pass!

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