Workers Leaving the Job Site

Another take, another era, another factory, shot in Mississippi in summer 2012, this film is a riff on the Lumière Brothers classic 1895 film.


Jordan Cronk: By and large, then, what do you want a typical viewer, of any race, to get out of your work? A glimpse into these lives or lifestyles?

Kevin Jerome Everson: Not really, because they’re not really lives. They’re re-representations. The goal is to have certain formal qualities come out. But there’s a social, political, and economic condition that’s present. And that’s part of the materiality, so people will get that. But I’m always outnumbered. It’s always just me, if the audience is six or six hundred. I don’t ever know what they’re going to think. But if I’m comfortable with my own relationship with the material and upfront with the subject matter − and even if I’m not − the goal is to be consistent. At least I hope so. And if not, fuck it, I’ll shoot something else next week!1