A beguiling and funny short film made for notodoFILMFEST.


“In this five-minute film essay, a couple of colorful fish dream about what it would be like to be cars racing through the streets. The soundtrack is by Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina.”

This article was originally published on Filmfest München, 2023.

“Carp contained in a fish tank describe their dream of being a car. A soundscape of music and distorted voices (provided by sound artist and singer/songwriter Juana Molina) give an oneiric and ominous quality to these images: an aggregate of bodies, living, breathing and gaping at the surface of the water, captured by Martel's camera in an existential cry upward beyond the fourth wall.”

This article was originally published for The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), 2018.

UPDATED ON 21.10.2023
IMDB: tt1836103