Ne dites pas à ma mère

This film is a testimony, a slice of life. It shows striptease from the inside out with sincerity and poetry.


“I have been doing strip tease since I was 22 years old. I needed to feel my body and my limits. I wanted to see and be seen. I wanted to explore my femininity through the gaze of others. I wanted to burn my wings, feel fear and at the end of each night, come out of it alive. All during these years, I filmed in black and white super 8 what I was discovering in this underground world: the women, at once fragile and strong, the spectators, the bar owners, the friendship between the girls, how hard it is to quit the business and the desperate desire to feel that you exist.”

Sarah Moon Howe1

  • 1. Sarah Moon Howe, Wallonie Bruxelles Images, 2003.