It’s A Long Way From Amphioxus

It’s A Long Way From Amphioxus

“Kamal Aljafari’s surreal and humorous short film folds our point of origin into today’s chaos of bureaucratic mazes inside a Berlin administrative office full of waiting asylum seekers.”



“Kamal Aljafari’s new short film once again collapses time, questioning the meaning of life in a system in which humanity is reduced to a number and the value of one’s future is measured by applications within grey hallways. Step into this black hole, where bones and flesh have become numbers in a queuing system. With surreal humor, this film observes the origins of our being versus the future of how we are defined. What have we become from our point of origin until today’s chaos of bureaucratic mazes? It’s a long way from Amphioxus, we all came from there.”

Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

UPDATED ON 22.05.2019