Az prijde kocour

Az prijde kocour
When the Cat Comes

“Listen Robert, denoting your superior as a murderer in public doesn’t seem like constructive criticism.”

The school director


“Following Desire, When the Cat Comes is part of the ‘realist fantasy’ cycle which Jasný completed with All My Good Countrymen, a film he prepared for over ten years, and a bold allegory of the situation in a country depraved by the lies of communist propaganda. Over the next few years, until Ovoce stromu rajskych jime (1969), several parables in this vein were made in the present Czech Republic and in Slovakia (by Juraj Jakubisko), but in no other country under Soviet domination. The reason is the unique Czechoslovak cultural background. While making the film about the moralist cat, Jasný absorbed the examples of Alfréd Radok’s Laterna Magika, the avant-garde theatre Za bránou, of his collaborators Karel Zeman, Forman, Kadár, Klos and Jireš, and even incorporationg artists from this circle in this team (Ladislav Fialka and the actors of his pantomime theatre Na zábradlí) The range of his inspirations was even wider, and included René Clair’s screen magic, ancient Egyptian designs, graphic collages and a curious paraphrase of Hamlet.”

Jacek Klinowski, Adam Garbicz and Jacek Klinowski1

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