Sabzian welcomes proposals as well as texts. There is no fixed format or preferred length. We value a broad spectrum of texts, nevertheless we are looking for texts that avoid a purely academic or journalistic approach. Frequently, the texts relate to screenings, events and retrospectives. It’s Sabzian’s explicit wish to create a constellation of different perspectives on cinema in writing and thinking. 

If you want to propose a text, please send a short summary of the text you have in mind together with an essay or review you already wrote or published to contact [@]

We only consider texts that are not being considered for publication elsewhere. If your proposal or text needs to be looked at within a week, please mention “[time-sensitive]” in your email subject line. 

We try to respond as quickly as possible, but Sabzian still depends on the commitment of a collective of volunteers. We need at least a week to get back to you. 



Sabzian is Gerard-Jan Claes, Dirk Deblauwe, Pepa De Maesschalck, Ruben Demasure, Ruben Desiere, Nina de Vroome, Elias Grootaers, Veva Leye, Sis Matthé, Olivia Rochette, Stefanie Van Rompaey, Hannes Verhoustraete, Quinten Wyns


Contact: Pepa De Maesschalck


General and artistic direction: Gerard-Jan Claes

Business direction and coordination: Pepa De Maesschalck

Agenda: Hannes Verhoustraete

Social media: Stefanie Van Rompaey

Copy editing: Veva Leye and Sis Matthé

Graphic identity / Digital developer: Dirk Deblauwe

Graphic design publications: Renaldo Candreva

Intern: Stans Rutten


Steering committee: Ruben Demasure, Ruben Desiere, Nina de Vroome, Olivia Rochette, Hannes Verhoustraete and Quinten Wyns

Board of administrators: Liene Aerts, Herman Asselberghs, Tonie De Waele, Elias Grootaers and Helena Kritis (chair)

General assembly: Liene Aerts, Herman Asselberghs, Gerard-Jan Claes, Charlotte De Somviele, Tonie De Waele, Elias Grootaers and Helena Kritis


Thanks to Rebecca Jane Arthur, Emiliano Battista, Raymond Bellour, Céline Brouwez, Edwin Carels, Marie Claes, Margaux Dauby, Stoffel Debuysere, Katrien Desiere, Bjorn Gabriels, Hans Galle, Helena Grootaers, Martine Huvenne, Anton Jaeger, Steven Jacobs, Marie Logie, Erik Martens, Adrian Martin, Pieter-Paul Mortier, Herlinde Raeman, Jacques Rancière, Sylvie Pierre Ulmann, Pascal Vandelanoitte, Rasmus Van Heddeghem and Nefertari Vanden Bulcke


Many thanks to the Sabzian Patrons: Emiel Mathieu, Steven Jacobs


Sabzian is supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), KASK / School of Arts Ghent, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Beursschouwburg



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