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Werner Schroeter, 1986, 107’

Anna, who is in her mid-forties and the owner of a rose farm, lives with her son Albert on a Mediterranean beach in Portugal. Albert is in love with a young Italian - yet he does not love him in a “conventional” way, but in the way he also loves his roses.

Werner Schroeter, 1991, 125’

“In Ivan I have lived, in Malina I will be dying.” This is the unusual story of the triangular relationship of a woman who lives with a man named Malina in Vienna. She is infatuated when she meets Ivan, who is going to be her last passionate love.

Article NL

Van 1970 tot 1986 verschenen in het dagblad Süddeutsche Zeitung wekelijks Frieda Grafe’s Filmtips, korte commentaren op het filmaanbod in München, vaak slechts één zin per film. Sabzian selecteerde en vertaalde acht Filmtips.