Varta1, Lviv, Ukraine

An Interview with Yuriy Hrytsyna, Director of Varta1, Lviv, Ukraine (2015)

Nina de Vroome, 2022

In Lviv, after a spontaneous occupation of the regional government buildings by activists, the police forces withdraw, leaving a power vacuum. A self-organized group of volunteers decide to take over law enforcement functions in the city, using a peer-to-peer digital radio channel called “Varta1” (guard1), that formed the starting point for Yuriy Hrytsyna’s film. Hrytsyna: “When I found it, I immediately knew it was something important, something historic. Since it’s a radio stream, it would disappear. So I recorded it a few days in a row. (...) They were characteristic for the things that were discussed in Maidan, Kyiv and in the whole of Ukraine. But nevertheless, it was a situation that was likely to be forgotten.”