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Net voor de lichten in de zaal aangaan, breidt Sergei Loznitsa nog een coda aan zijn State Funeral (2019), een afsluitende pancarte waarmee hij kadert, herkadreert.

Sergei Loznitsa, 2004, 30’

“Masculine and feminine, hard and soft, continued and interrupted, whole and fragmented. All that is encompassed by just one day at the factory.

The Event
Sergei Loznitsa, 2015, 84’

“Perhaps Loznitsa’s most telling creative device is an enhanced sound design – by his long-time collaborator Vladimir Golovnitsky – that picks out threads of conversation in the crowd, and shows how talk, both among people, and on the radio, provided a sort of bush telegraph by which the populati

Correspondence EN

So this film about a charged political moment remains strangely, and deliberately, disconnected from the politics of that moment. What interests Loznitsa isn’t the politics of the protests, or their political ramifications; what he focuses on and brings to the screen is the dramatic arc of protests as such.