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Tickets Available for State of Cinema 2022 / Wang Bing

Stonewalling (Huang Ji & Ryûji Otsuka, 2022)

Sabzian and Bozar are delighted to welcome Chinese director Wang Bing for the State of Cinema 2022 on 18 December 2022. Every year, Sabzian asks a guest to write a State of Cinema, and to choose a film that connects to it. This way, once a year, the art of film is held against the light, an invitation to reflect on what cinema means, could or should mean today. Wang Bing chose the film Stonewalling (2022) by Chinese-Japanese duo Huang Ji and Ryûji Otsuka. The film gives an insight into the life of Lynn, a Chinese young woman who, after discovering she is pregnant, decides to take her fate into her own hands. Returning with a now adult Yao Honggui (Foolish Bird, Egg and Stone), Huang Ji and Ryûji Otsuka take a look at the new norms of gig-economy, grey markets, MLMs, and hustling in modern-day metropolitan China through the experiences of one ordinary young woman. Wang will come to recite his speech on the Bozar stage in Brussels.

This event is organized by Sabzian and Bozar. Tickets are now available at Bozar or on their website.

You can find more information on the event, Wang Bing and Stonewalling here.

The day after the screening, the State of Cinema text will be made available for free on Sabzian’s website, in English, French and Dutch translation. The video recording of Wang Bing’s presentation at the Brussels arts centre will also be provided.