Resounding Archives: Conversations on Militant Film Practices in Palestine

Since 2009, Subversive Film, a curatorial collective that focuses on militant film practices, recorded conversations and interviews with filmmakers, archivists, freedom fighters and activists about their work and participation in the liberation struggle for Palestine during the 1968-82 period. The interviews, conducted in cafes, offices, homes and work studios, recount a history of the formation of a collective narrative and memory of colonised people through cinema and its political, ideological and logistical conditions that surrounded it.

In a blunt gesture Resounding Archives assumes the format of documentation, (archival formation even), by (re)listening to conversations that remember and reflect on political film practices, a cinematic film production about and within the Palestinian struggle, and the vast global solidarity network within which such practices operated. The selection of interviews presented here tries to draw an image, through stories and sounds, of a film practice within a revolution. Voices are coming from Nils Vest, Monica Maurer, Khadija Habashneh, Serge le Peron, Masao Adachi, Ben Gibson, Ivan Strasburg, Akram Zaatari, and Issam Nassar.

Taking the form of a podcast series, a new interview will be released every Tuesday starting March 2nd through April on the website of KIOSK (Ghent), and broadcasted on Radio Alhara at 14:00 Bethlehem Time. The series will culminate in a publication of these interviews.

Resounding Archives is part of Subversive Film’s ongoing interference in KIOSK’s cyber and real space.