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CINEMATEK pays homage to Robbe De Hert

Set photo Camera Sutra, of de bleekgezichten (Robbe De Hert, 1971)

From 23 to 26 September, CINEMATEK, the Royal Belgian Film Archive, pays homage to Belgian director Robbe De Hert, who passed away at the age of 77 on Monday 24 August. De Hert played an important role in the 1960s and 1970s in the emergence of a more socially committed Belgian cinema. Together with his brother Jos De Hert, Walter Heynen, Louis and Frans Celis, André Boeren, Kris Van den Bogaert and the poet Paul De Vree, he founded the film collective Fugitive Cinema in 1966. Their aim was to give Belgian cinema a more social dimension. Later, De Hert would make more “popular” films such as Blueberry Hill, inspired by his school days, and the film adaptation of the Flemish classic, De Witte van Sichem. Sabzian’s obituary note, for the most part in Dutch, can be found here.


On the program:

Camera Sutra, of de bleekgezichten (Robbe De Hert, 1971)
23.09    17:30
24.09    19:30

De Witte van Sichem (Robbe De Hert, 1980)
23.09    19:30
26.09    16:00 

Trouble in Paradise (Robbe De Hert, 1988)
25.09    17:30 

Blueberry Hill (Robbe De Hert, 1989)
24.09    17:30
25.09    19:30
26.09    18:00 

Brylcream Boulevard (Robbe De Hert, 1995)
25.09    21:30
26.09    20:00 

The majority of the films are screened with French subtitles. More information can be found in a newsletter sent out by CINEMATEK.