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Charlie Chaplin in Studio Skoop

Last year, The Kid (1921), one of Charlie Chaplin’s most famous films, turned 100 years old. To honor Charlie Chaplin and his genius, arthouse cinema Studio Skoop in Ghent is running a retrospective of ten of his films over the period of one year. The Kid (1921) kicked off the cycle in September. All the shown films are digitally restored versions and the spoken films have Dutch subtitles.


A Woman of Paris (1923): from 26 October

The Gold Rush (1925): From 23 November

The Circus (1928): From 21 December

City Lights (1931): From 25 January

Modern Times (1936): From 22 February

The Great Dictator (1940): From 22 March

Monsieur Verdoux (1947): From 26 April

Limelight (1952): From May 24

A King in New York (1957): From June 21

City Lights (Charlie Chaplin, 1931)